Partnering with Parents Workshop

August 5-6, 2019

New Hope Church, New Castle, CO.

Cost: $150.00


Dr. Michael Christa

Dr. Michael Chrasta is a writer, teacher, public speaker, and resident missionary with the People & Songs community in La Porte, Indiana.  After a fifteen-year career in Christian education where he served as a Dean of Character Education, worldview instructor and department head, and more recently, as the Director of Ministry for the National Association of University-Model® Schools (NAUMS), Mike and his wife Kathy followed the call of the Lord to leave their careers, give up their home, belongings, and North Dallas Texas lifestyle to become mobile for the Lord.

Mike has a deep desire to educate on the beauty of Wisdom, reveal the Kingdom of God, and bring biblical life and revival to the spheres of family, education, government, business, arts and the Church.

He is the author of Make it a Place of Springs (2017), a collection of essays on culture-building in traditional and classical Christian schools.  Mike enjoys teaching on a wide range of topics. His favorite themes include: The Good News of the Kingdom, The Wonders of Divine Wisdom; The Ministry and Work of the Holy Spirit through His People; Design, Identity, and Calling; Wisdom, Creation, and Creativity; Wisdom and the Restoration of Cities; Nature and our Sacramental World, and The Last Days, among many others.

Central to Mike and Kathy’s ministry together is the reality that “God is with us” and that He invites us to proclaim His Kingdom to all nations. As priests and kings, we collaborate with the Spirit of Jesus under the leadership of the Father to make wherever we go “a place of springs,” that is, a transformed place that exhibits His life, hope, and restoration as we wait for the full manifestation of the glorious Kingdom of God.