Liberty Classical Academy performs an annual all-school theater production designed to bring the time period we are studying to life. The play has been an enjoyable way for the students to share their learning for the year with the community. In raising leaders for tomorrow, it is imperative that our students can articulate their ideas in a meaningful way in front of an audience. The play is just the beginning of teaching our children to be comfortable on stage. Below is a short list of some of the objectives the play covers.


  • It is a shared experience for all of our families that helps us develop a stronger community.

  • The students are able to work alongside children of different ages, parents, and teachers to create a memorable work of art.

  • The students are able to research and create costumes and sets that reflect the history of a particular era.

  • Students commit to memory the music and dialogue that increases their vocabulary, verbal, and musical skills.

  • Students have the opportunity to speak, sing, and sometimes dance on stage in front of a large audience, helping them to gain public speaking skills in a fun way.

  • Students learn to be part of a team effort and work with their peers, teachers, and parents.

  • Students gain a greater appreciation for the fine arts and concept of reclaiming the arts for their generation.



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