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Liberty Classical Academy arose out of the desire to provide a challenging, high-quality education
that would provide emotional, intellectual and spiritual nurturing for children. We use an integrated,
unit-study approach that emphasizes classic literature and experiential education.

Liberty Classical Academy structures its curriculum within a classical framework:


Students younger than 12 years old are in the Grammar Stage. It is a time period when children naturally acquire knowledge, facts, and information. The Grammar Stage teaches the foundation of all learning, as well as a love of learning. 


From 5th grade to high school, students are in the Logic Stage. This is a time when students begin to pay attention to cause and effect, the relationships between different fields of knowledge, and the way facts fit together into a logical framework.


The student of Rhetoric applies the rules of logic to the foundational information learned in the Grammar Stage, and expresses his conclusions in clear, forceful, elegant language. Students also begin to specialize in the branch of knowledge that attracts them. 

To integrate unit studies centered on a 4 year flow of western history.

Year 1

Antiquity - From Creation to 400B.C. Ancient history of Egypt, Israel, Greece and Rome

Year 2

Christendom - Middle ages, renaissance, reformation, age of discovery, colonization, revolution.

Year 3

American culture - The nineteenth century, war between the states, westward expansion.

Year 4

Modernity - Modern history, the twentieth century, Colorado history.

  • To be rich in languages; with a focus on Latin, though other foreign languages are encouraged.

  • To focus on encouraging truth, beauty and goodness in all areas of life.

  • To be aware of and enter into The Great Conversation throughout history by accessing and analyzing original sources.

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