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9th - 12th Grades
Year One

Humanities: Antiquity


Language: Language: Hebrew/Greek


Choir focus: OT, Hebrew songs


Theatre focus: Greek tragedies


Math: Algebra I


Science: Biology


Formal Aristotelian rhetoric

Year Two

Humanities: Christendom

Language: Spanish I

Choir focus: Madrigal, Plainsong, Latin songs

Theatre focus: Shakespeare

Math: Geometry, Personal Finance

Science: Physics or


Year Three

Humanities: Americas


Language: Spanish II

Choir focus: Spirituals, Early American folk music

Theatre focus: Romantic Poets

Math: Algebra II

Science: Chemistry

 Year Four

Humanities: Modernity


Language: Student's choice


Choir focus: Jazz, Blues
and Pop


Theatre focus: Rise of musical theater


Math: Economics


Science: Technology


Formal Logic


Career planning

High School level Latin I and II is usually finished by 8th grade. P.E. and sports are accomplished through local club sports, local public schools, dance, hiking, skiing, etc. Students are encouraged to find mentors in our community or online that can help inspire them in their particular area of giftedness.



Humanities: Teacher created. Resources include: Tapestry of Grace and Gileskirk (Humanities in a comprehensive course and encompasses English, literature, art, music philosophy, religion, geography and American/World history)


Science: Novare


Math: Math-U-See

Writing: Classical Academic Press


Rhetoric and Logic: Memoria Press and Classical Academic Press


Latin: Classical Academic Press



Liberty Classical Academy course offerings over a four-year span by subject:


Humanities: Antiquities, Christendom, Americas, Modernity


Math: Algebra I and II, Geometry, personal finance, economics.


Science: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, technology.


Writing Focus: Five paragraph essays, research paper, composition, creative writing, short stories.


Theater: Greek tragedies, Shakespeare, romantic poets, rise of musical theater.


Choir: OT, Hebrew, madrigal, plainsong, Latin songs, spirituals, early American folk music, jazz, blues and pop.





A minimum of 25 credits is required for a Liberty Classical Academy diploma.



















Other 8 Credits: 

2 Piano/Music/Drama

1 Art

1 Recreation/Fitness

1 Service Learning

1 Technology

1 Work Study


.5 Senior Project

.5 Other Electives

8 Humanities*

2 Math

2 Science

3 Latin/Foreign Languages

1 Biblical Studies

.5 Rhetoric


.5 Logic

Core 17 Credits: 

* Humanities is a comprehensive course and encompasses English, literature, art, music philosophy, religion, geography, and American/World history.


Four Years of Humanities:

• Year 1 and 2 (World History, Geography)

• Year 3 and 4 (American History, Geography, Civics)

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