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Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


Living books (great literature) read aloud and with the child is the heart of our learning in the early years. Each core teacher will provide parents with a recommended book list that engages the child in vibrant stories that begin the process of the life-long love of learning.


When looking for a curriculum to teach our early learners, Liberty Classical Academy chose IEW because it is easy, enjoyable and effective. We want to set a firm foundation for our students to learn to think, write and communicate effectively.


Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package


Primary Arts of Language: Writing Complete Package

Copybooks I-III Set – Memoria Press

A Child’s Garden of Verses – Robert Louis Stevenson




Our recommended math program combines hands-on methodology with incremental instruction and continual review in a manipulative-based program. This is supplemented in the classroom with more concrete experiences with numbers and shapes.






For parents who desire a more in depth and detailed curriculum, we suggest Tapestry of Grace. It is very comprehensive and follows a similar, but no exact flow.


Tapestry of Grace covers the humanities: history, church history, literature, geography, fine arts, government and philosophy.




We live in a beautiful area that provides our children with a rich hands-on science learning experience. We highly recommend large amounts of time outside to discover our world. Nature notebooks created by the child are ideal. Purchase Nature Journals at Memorial Press www.memorialpress.comFor more structured science, check out Apologia or Novare.



Art is incorporated within our curriculum for a further understanding of the periods and topics they are learning in class. We encourage our families to continue using art at home while doing their home studies.

Music is a part of our curriculum at LCA with Mrs. Traver leading our younger students. 





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