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Enrichment classes are offered for our 6-12 grade students. Classes are open to the community to join. For more information on pricing or to register for a class please call 970-984-0604.

Logic and Rhetoric Enrichment Classes: (Course descriptions below.)

Art Classes
Intro to Programming 
Programming I 
Future Cities 
General Biology 
Introductory Physics 
Intro to Psychology 
Art Classes (6th-12th)

Programming I (7th-12th)
We will apply the fundamentals learned in Intro to Programming and learn more advanced concepts to build a web application that we will deploy to the internet. We will learn more about data and file manipulation, working with databases, and requesting data from APIs. This will be a project based class and will require the student to write and run Python code on a computer at home.  Prerequisites Intro to Programming and/or instructor approval and Touch typing; Using, or equivalent.
Instructor: Nicholas Villarreal

Future Cities (6th-8th)
Science/engineering  competition  that is project-based. Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. 
Instructor: Dorothy Bleakley

General Biology (9th - 12th)
General Biology combines up-to-date science with a Christian worldview and the educational philosophy  using the Novare Biology text. The class will start at the atomic level and progresses to ever larger scales: cells, genes, microorganisms, plants, animals, and human organ systems. The final chapters survey ecology and the theory of evolution. Class will include labs, observations, hands-on activities and field trips. 
Instructor: Mrs. Brenda Simonson
Introductory Physics (10th - 12th)
This course in basic physics incorporates math, history, and epistemology, making it the perfect class to draw students upward into the adult world of scientific investigation. The text includes 2 optional, more challenging chapters on buoyancy and geometric optics for older students. Prerequisite Algebra I
Instructor: Amanda Norton

Intro to Psychology (9th-12th)
The purpose of this class is to engage, encourage and equip students to know themselves better, and to seek and know God, their creator, better through a biblical worldview.  We will cover subjects related to the meaning of life, purpose, coping skills, communication skills, love, boundaries, sexuality, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and more.  Students will also be taking an in-depth personality inventory and will learn more about mental hygiene, well-being, and emotional intelligence with the hope of them understanding their identity in Christ. Instructor: Michaela Fulk 

Wednesday Classes are taken on a per class basis and are also open to Homeschooling students.
Students need a minimum of two science and math credits to graduate with a home study diploma. For a classical diploma and for students anticipating entering college for math or sciences, four is recommended. 

Currently we offer Biology and Physics. Chemistry is offered on rotating years. 
Students ready for advanced math and sciences have worked independently online or taken courses at CMC.

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