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Liberty Classical Academy Application Packet

The tuition cost for a student at Liberty Classical Academy will be decided yearly by the Board of Directors based on enrollment and operational costs. In addition to tuition, other costs for the student's curriculum and materials vary, but for Grammar and Logic stage students, the average is around $200 per year, Rhetoric stage students can expect around $300 per year.


New families also pay a one-time application fee of $100 to cover administration. This fee includes a copy of A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van Demille.  There will be a yearly enrollment fee which includes conferences and parent training. Those families new to home educating may incur educational consulting fees as well. The cost for classes taken by the students in the enrichment program will be added to the ACH amount due.


Payment of tuition is a yearly commitment and should be made in full at the beginning of the school's fiscal year (June). We permit monthly installments through an automatic check transfer from your bank. An ACH form is included in the application packet (withdrawn electronically on the 5th of each month). You may also choose to pay electronically monthly for 12 months (June - May withdrawls) or monthly for 10 months (August - May).


Liberty Classical Academy is over 80% tuition funded and works very hard to maintain a tight budget in order to keep ever increasing costs under control. The school enploys a part-time Development Director who raises funds for the school through newsletters, fundraising events and donations. Many churches and individuals have supported us over the years and we are blessed by the generosity of our families and the community. New Hope Church has graciously allowed the use of their facility and LCA rents the space at the Apple Tree Mall building. Our oustanding staff works for a modest wage and donates much of their time. The school does not have a volunteer service requirement per family as other private schools do. Considering this, we do request that you pray about and consider what resources your family can draw upon to support the school, whether financial or in our fundraising events (The yearly theatrical production is an example of a great place to volunteer your skills and talents).

Standardized testing is offered for a nominal fee.


Liberty Classical Academy is a closed campus. No students are permitted to leave during school hours unless special permission is granted from the Director or Assistant Director. All visitors are asked to sign in at the office in the church building.


Tuition Assistance


Our school offers need-based grants, as funds are available, to make tuition affordable for more families. We use a third-party organization to help us accurately and fairly assess a family’s ability to pay and, after review, award grants accordingly. Confidential Financial Services (CFS) has been supporting Christian families for over 20 years. They understand the importance of you providing your child with a Christian education, which is why we are glad to partner with them in this, their area of expertise. Their application process will request financial information from you that primarily consists of income, expenses, assets, and debts. CFS uses that information to calculate a “Family Anticipated Contribution Total” (FACT Report) and sends us that information. Once received, we will reach out to you to discuss the results.

School Code: 11118. You will need this information to register.


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