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Cultivating classically-trained Christian leaders. 


We partner with like-minded parents to cultivate wisdom and virtue in our students through immersion in truth, beauty, and goodness so they might know God, enjoy Him forever and make Him known.



Core Values

We believe that Christ is in all things and in Him all things hold together. Christ infuses and
integrates all our teaching, across all subjects and disciplines.  We seek not only academic
excellence but the formation of virtue.

We believe that God has designed the family and ordained parents as the authority over their
s education. We are privileged to assist parents in their responsibility to bring up their
children in the fear and knowledge of the Lord and His world.

Connected Community
We believe that God intends for families of faith to live together in a community of shared
relationships and experiences. We endeavor to communicate clearly and often with our families
in order to build a school culture that fosters student and family connections. 

In One Accord
We believe that as followers of Christ we are called to live in harmony with the same purpose
and spirit. We desire to be unified and to move towards a common goal. 

Servant Leadership
We believe God has called all believers to live a kingdom-minded life. We seek to develop
students who walk in excellence and integrity, able to lead in their unique spheres of influence.



Liberty Classical Academy and its agents will not discriminate against any person
in regard to membership, admission, or hiring practices on account of sex, race, color or national origin.

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