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How Are We Responding?

In conjunction with Governor Polis' announcement on April 1, 2020 extending the state-wide restrictions on in-person instruction through April 30, Liberty Classical Academy will provide online instruction, content, resources, and support until these restrictions are lifted

We encourage you to keep online learning simple and put first things first. Emotions are running high for everyone, taking time to start the day with a shared meal and devotion can get the day off on a good footing. Talking with other parents and letting students work together virtually might make your day more interesting. The staff is coming up with many interesting and creative ideas, so stay tuned! 

Links For Online Learning 
Schedule For Virtual Classes 
Monday and Thursday

8:30   Mrs. Smith, Logic II Latin, Spanish I

9:30   Logic I/Mrs. Whittington, Rhetoric (pm), Upper Grammar Math/Mrs. Hendrickson 

10:00 Latin Upper grammar/ Mrs. Thompson, Logic 1 Cont., Rhetoric (pm) cont. 

10:30 Mrs. Piker, Rhetoric (am)

11:30 Logic I Math and Latin/ Thompson

1:00   Kindergarten Parents, Math Classes for Logic II and Rhetoric, 

2:00   Preschool Parents, Logic 1/ Mrs. Norton, Spanish II 

3:00   Upper Grammar/Mrs. Whittington, Civics, Mr. Jabbour


1:00 Biology 

Please contact your teacher if you are unable to access the link for your Zoom class

Message From LCA Director 
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